ODB's (Original Designs by Betsy)

Show me the money and you can have this cool stuff, all of which are ODB's (Original Designs by Betsy). All you have to do is email beatrixcarroll@gmail.com to arrange an exchange or a delivery! More to come. Prices at bottom.

Jewelry Line: Party Animals.

These little critters make great accessories, whether you are spending the day splashing around with your mermy kin, going to the zoo with the humans, or just working at a software company.

Bat Pendant: $20
Starfish Earrings: $15
Orca Earrings: $15
Starfish Earrings: $15
Meerkat Earrings: $15
Meerkat Choker: $30
Dino Earrings (T-Rex and LongNeck are one set): $15
Shark Tie Clip: $15
Baby Seaturtle Earrings: $15