Stand up comedy videos here. Beatrix ("Betsy") Carroll is a software engineer and stand up comic. In her work as a comedian, she draws on her experiences as a glass ceiling shatterer in the field of technology charlatanry, a Charlize Theron look-alike (see: the film "Monster"), and a personal trainer survivor. In her work as an engineer, she draws on all sorts of surfaces with dry erase markers that usually turn out to be sharpies upon further examination.

She has an astounding number of diverse pursuits, the chief of which is to become the next James Franco. However she is most passionate about comedy, rap music, and self-promotion, and thus her many writings for "the Onion of Hip Hop," a.k.a. under the pseudonym Lil Kim Jong iL are nothing short of intrepid--just ask her, she'll tell you all about it!

She is also Banksy and 1/3 of the hacker collective Anonymous. To get notifications about ALL upcoming shows email her at and ask to join her mailing list! But if you want her to respond you had best send her a JDate message (username: shiksappeal). Below are a few shows on the horizon.